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The Nepalese Journal of Ophthalmology (ISSN 2072-6805, E-ISSN 2091-0320) was launched in January 2009. It is a free-access bi-annual peer-reviewed academic journal of the Nepal Ophthalmic Society and has been indexed for medline. This journal aims to provide an additional opportunity of sharing knowledge and experience amongst the ophthalmic professionals as well as to help disseminate findings of research achievements in the ophthalmic field at home and abroad. The society and the editorial board do not take any responsibility for any expressions published in the journal. These expressions are solely ascribed to the authors.

Original articles, short communications, case reports/brief communications and review articles of merit from contributors all over the world are accepted for publication after anonymous peer-review.

Research works involving human subjects and animals should meet international norms and the terms of Read more

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Outcome of horizontal strabismus surgery and parents’satisfaction
Ananda K Sharma*, Madhu Thapa, Gulshan B Shrestha, Sanjeeta Sitaula,Gauri S Shrestha
BP Koirala Lion’s Center for Ophthalmic Studies, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Sac over the sac - a rare case of subcutaneous dirofilariasis over the lacrimal sac area1
Mahesh Kumar Shankar(1)*, Satish Shet(2) Piyush Gupta(2) Shobha Druva Nadgir(1)
(1) Departments of 1Microbiology and (2)Ophthalmology KIMS, Hubli, Karnataka State, India

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Effectiveness of measuring the central field with the Berkeley field test
Gauri S Shrestha*, Sanjeeb K Mishra(1), Gauri S Shrestha(1), Hiral Korani(2)
(1)B.P. Koirala Lions Centre for Ophthalmic Studies Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal (2)Lotus College of Optometry Juhu, Mumbai, India

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